TUSİB Vision

  • To become one of the leading civil society organizations in Ukraine.

  • To establish a strong bridge between Turkey and Ukraine, expanding trade and investment opportunities between the two countries.

  • To support new investors in setting up and expanding their businesses in Ukraine and Turkey.

  • To create an effective platform for information sharing and collaboration, facilitating the achievement of common goals.

  • To support a business environment regulated by the fair and transparent application of the rule of law, thereby aiding the development of private entrepreneurs.

  • To facilitate investments in both Ukraine and Turkey by providing easy access to information, resources, business connections, and business support services.

TUSİB Mission

  • An international, member-focused, non-profit organization aiming to enhance cross-national information sharing and networking between Turkish and Ukrainian businesses and professional communities.

  • Dedicated to improving business and trade relations between Turkey and Ukraine.

  • A platform for the sharing and discussion of commercial relations and ideas at both the local and international levels.

  • Supporting free trade, the sharing of mutually beneficial ideas for both countries, and personal interaction among businesspeople in Ukraine.

TUSİB Values

  1. Cooperation:

    • Aims to establish ongoing cooperation and partnerships between Turkish and Ukrainian businesses and professionals.

  2. Networking:

    • Helps its members expand their business and professional networks and establish mutually beneficial relationships.

  3. Professionalism:

    • Encourages high levels of professionalism and excellence in all its activities and initiatives.

  4. Innovation:

    • Supports innovative thinking and practices, and encourages its members to become leaders in their sectors.

  5. Transparency:

    • Advocates for full transparency and accountability in business operations and decision-making processes.

  6. Sustainability:

    • Promotes sustainable business practices and long-term cooperation and partnerships between the two countries.