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The promotional campaign of Turkish Airlines is valid until 31st of July

14 Temmuz 2020


 Temmuz 14, 2020
Category Duyurular

Dear friends,

We would like to inform you about special Turkish Airlines fares for travelers from Ukrainian cities to Turkey and from Turkey to Ukraine.

Below you may find some of the destinations to/from Turkey which promotional fares has been offered. You may visit our website, sales offices or registered agencies to explore more destinations with special fares.

FROM TO               TOTAL PRICE

             KYIV                                                  ISTANBUL                            From 199 USD

            ODESSA                                            ISTANBUL                            From 179 USD

            LVIV                                                   ISTANBUL                            From 159 USD

            KYIV                                                  ANTALYA                              From 229 USD

            ODESSA                                            ANTALYA                              From 209 USD

            LVIV                                                   ANTALYA                              From 219 USD

            KYIV                                                  DALAMAN                             From 229 USD

            ODESSA                                            DALAMAN                             From 209 USD

            LVIV                                                   DALAMAN                             From 219 USD

            ISTANBUL                                            KIEV                                   From 189 USD

            ISTANBUL                                         ODESSA                                From 169 USD

            ISTANBUL                                            LVIV                                    From 149 USD


The promotional campaign is valid for ticketings until 31st of July. The price is valid for the Turkish Airlines official website and may vary at ticket sales offices or authorized ticket sales agencies.

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