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The Premier hotel chain goes with the time and accepts Diya app

30 Eylül 2021


 Eylül 30, 2021

TUSiB member – Premier is a Ukrainian brand of the hotel chain, which has an 18-year history of development in the hotel market. Premier has been growing and developing together with Ukraine, so to begin the implementation of the new digital changes with the release of Diia 2.0 has only been logical.

The first hotel in the chain to introduce digital documents was the Premier Hotel Palazzo, a four-star hotel located in the center of Poltava.

The Premier Hotel Palazzo announced the innovation on its social media on August 27 and soon appeared on the list of hotels accepting Diia on the public service news website*.

From now on at Premier Hotels and Resorts you do not need to wait while the receptionist copies your documents or even have a passport with you, just show the QR-code of the document at the reception.

Currently, Premier Hotels and Resorts is planning on introducing this technology at all hotels of the chain. The main reason why is that they believe that you should love the city where you are staying, which means that your experience at the hotel should leave only pleasant impressions.

The Premier hotel chain consists of 16 3 to 5 star hotels united by a single quality standard, more than 2,100 rooms, 12 tourist destinations in Ukraine and the first European hotel under the Premier brand in Hungary (Miskolc).

* https://diia.gov.ua/news/mandrujte-ukrayinoyu-z-pasportom-u-smartfoni?fbclid=IwAR2sRHjkttZQzHFWD0OoFnE1E2_j2Bdak3uM3WlowotPpIA75XmYlGmjSB4

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