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SDM Partners about electronic labor booking, digitalization of administrative services and draft State Budget of Ukraine for 2021

19 Ekim 2020


 Ekim 19, 2020
Category Duyurular

Member of the Union of Industrialists and Businessmen of Turkey and Ukraine “TUSIB” – law Firm SDM Partners has prepared some clarifications on new issues:

Electronic labor booking

On September 2, 2020, the parliament adopted the Draft Law No.3623 concerning the introduction of electronic workbooks in the first reading.

The Drat Law provides, in particular, the following novelties:

(i)           the employer will enter information about the employee’s employment by providing digitized copies of the relevant entries in the employment record book, certificates, etc. to the electronic state register, through the PFU web portal, after which the original employment record book is subject to issuance to the employee;

(ii)          at the request of the employee, the employer will continue making entries in his employment record book regarding recruitment, transfer and dismissal;

(iii)         the said will automatically allow, without the citizen’s application to the PFU, to assign him an old-age pension (however, within three months from the date of such assignment, the citizen will be obliged to choose, in particular, through his e-office, the method of pension payment).

Digitalization of administrative services

Additionally, the range of services available online in the mobile application “Diya” has been expanded.

Starting from September 23, 2020 the residence living space of a citizen who possesses the passport with the contactless electronic carrier (ID-card) or the biometric passport for departure abroad, will be displayed in the specified application.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Digital Transofrmation of Ukraine tests digital versions of the identification code (TIN), certificates on internally displaced persons status and birth certificates

Also, the Ministry of Digital Transofrmation of Ukraine has planned a full transition to electronic document flow of state bodies by September 01, 2021, according to the statement of the President. As part of the “paperless” intentions of the digital state, the authorities will be prohibited from demanding paper documents from citizens.

Draft State Budget of Ukraine for 2021

On September 18, 2020, the Government presented the draft State Budget of Ukraine for 2021 to the Verkhovna Rada. The main criterions of the draft are the following:

(i)           GDP growth: + 4.6%, the share of public debt to GDP: 64.6%,

(ii)          budget deficit: UAH 270.3 billion,

(iii)         consumer inflation: 7.3%,

(iv)         dollar exchange rate: $ 1 = 29.1 ₴,

(v)          average monthly salary: 13,600, minimum: 6,500 ₴

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