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Ukraine's foreign trade has increased, Turkey 3rd ranks in exports

15 October 2021


 October 15, 2021

Ukraine’s foreign trade increasing was recorded.

According to the State Statistics Service, Ukraine’s exports amounted to 41.7 billion dollars in January-August 2021. On the other hand, imports amounted to 43.5 billion dollars. Exports increased by 35.6% and imports by 30.1% over the 8-month period.

China became the first country in both exports and imports, while Ukraine engaged with 231 countries in foreign trade.

The three largest countries for exports in January-August 2021:

China (13.6% of total exports);

Poland (8.2%);

Turkey (5.7%).

The three largest countries for imports:

China (15% of total imports);

Germany (9%);

Russia (7.8%).

Ukraine sold grain and oil, metals, minerals and equipment during the eight-month period; and buying mainly fuel oil and oil, chemicals, machinery and equipment.

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