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TUSIB signed a memorandum of cooperation with the mayor of Gostomel

20 April 2021


 April 20, 2021

The Union of Industrialists and Businessmen of Turkey and Ukraine “TUSIB” and the Head of the Gostomel Territorial Community declared mutual assistance in promoting of Gostomel among Turkish businessmen and the implementation of measures to stimulate foreign investment. Thus, on April 16, 2021, the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Gostomel Village Council and TUSIB was signed by the head of the Gostomel Territorial Community Yuriy Prilipko and the President of TUSIB Zafer Ozbay.

Presenting the community’s achievements, the head of the Gostomel Territorial Community – Yuriy Prilipko, shared his most cherished dream – to create the best Territorial Community in Ukraine, where the world brands flagships of manufacturing already work. He also stressed that 700 new jobs have been created during his term. Currently, 468 businesses are operating successfully in the community and their number will be increased.

Oleg Lyubimov, Head of the Department of Economics and Development of the Gostomel Village Council, noted that the strategy of creating an industrial park near the Antonov airport is currently being worked out, projects are being worked out to build a bypass road and create a city with modern infrastructure and new jobs. He added that Gostomel has all chance to become a small Switzerland.

Zafer Ozbay noted that the signing of the memorandum will expand cooperation between Turkish and Ukrainian businesses and expressed hope for deepening fruitful cooperation that will help achieve concrete results through the implementation of business ideas, and mr.Ozbay provided some effective advice as to successful reaching Foreign investors with new investment projects and proposals.

Representatives of the Gostomel Village Council leadership, TUSIB BoD members and members of TUSIB (Representatives of Turkish Business in Ukraine) took part in the meeting of TUSIB with the Gostomel Village Council and the ceremony of the Memorandum signing.


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