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2 December 2021


 December 2, 2021
Category News from TUSIB

TUSIB President Zafer Ozbay met with Mustafa Chalish, President-Founder of the Turkish Federation of Software Developers (TUYAFED), at the “Van Kahvaltı Salonu” in Istanbul- Eyüp for a pleasant breakfast in his hometown.

Mr. Mustafa Chalish shared the vision, goals and success of TUYAFED, which has established a large network of branches over 22 countries around the world. Mr. Zafer Ozbay congratulated TUYAFED on its successful work.

The meeting, which discussed TUSIB – TUYAFED synergies and cooperation that can be formed as well, ended with a consensus on the formalization of this cooperation between the two organizations in the near future.

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