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Partnership of TUSIB and European Association of Software Engineering "EASE"

10 February 2022


 February 10, 2022
Category News from TUSIB

Ukraine is among the most advanced countries in the world in the software industry which is one of the most popular and most productive business lines of today and the future.

TUSIB had the opportunity to visit the very creative space of the European Association of Software Engineering “EASE” office yesterday. TUSIB President Zafer Ozbay met with EASE CEO Liubov Mochalova to discuss opportunities for synergies and cooperation between Ukrainian and Turkish software companies. The parties agreed on a partnership at the meeting, as well as close cooperation with the Turkish Federation of Software Developers (TUYAFED) that is a partner of TUSIB.

European Association of Software Engineering “EASE” is the community of more than 6000 IT-industry representatives of Ukraine and Europe, who works in areas of: Software Development, UI/UX Design, Hardware Development, Robotics, Space Robotics Technology, IT-Marketing, Chatbots, IP-Telecommunications, Cloud Services, EdTech, IT-law, Cybersecurity.

The parties agreed to sign Memoranda of Cooperation in the near future that will provide great benefits to software companies which operate in two countries to create common working areas and reach new markets.


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