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5 April 2021


 April 5, 2021

National telecom operator Vega is expanding its data center capacity. From now on, the company offers to place server and telecommunication equipment in one of the best data centers in Ukraine.

Farlep-Invest recently signed a long-term strategic partnership agreement with Ante Media. Under the contract, Vega received 200 m2 of space and places 90 full-size 19-inch server cabinets in a modern data center, which is built in accordance with the international standard of reliability TIER III and is located in the center of Kyiv.

As a result of the agreement, all business users have the opportunity to receive modern high quality telecom services from Vega without additional investment in building their own platforms. The team of specialists of the telecom provider will help to prepare and implement solutions based on the individual needs of each client, which will ensure the rational use of funds and will save significantly. About 50 percent of the data center’s capacity is already reserved for key business customers and partners who appreciate the benefits of consolidated telecommunications services – data transmission through reliable telecom networks, equipment placement and data storage in a modern data center from a professional system provider Vega. For the Company, this is an opportunity to deploy a new powerful and reliable communication node and place operator and customer equipment in a high-tech data center.

“Advances in information technology are increasing the demand for data center and storage center services and increasing business requirements for data center capacity. The problem of data storage and management is becoming more urgent than ever. For several years now, Vega has been following the CARE strategy – full and comprehensive customer care. Our main and mega-responsible task is to provide our customers with a reliable infrastructure so that they are 100% calm about their data and can focus all their efforts on solving key business problems. Taking care of the reliability and uninterrupted operation of our customers at any time and in any situation, we have carefully approached the choice of location to expand opportunities in the field of data center services. The data center at Parkova meets international reliability standards, which confirms the existing Uptime Institute certificate, and now we can fully meet the needs of the most demanding customers and partners,” –  said Murat Chynar, CEO of National Telecom Operator Vega.

The development and strengthening of its own cloud infrastructure on the basis of the new data center will open for customers and Vega the opportunity to quickly and efficiently receive various telecom services, from colocation to the construction of the last mile at optimal (favorable) prices.

Reliable power supply, cooling and fire extinguishing systems, a high level of security and access control, high-quality computing and network infrastructure of the data center will guarantee that customer systems in the provider’s clouds will work smoothly.

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