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29 November 2021


 November 29, 2021
Category News from TUSIB

We are pleased to welcome CCG Development as our new member of the Union:

CCG Development is a fast general contractor; the company has been operating for 10 years in the commercial real estate market.

About 300 highly qualified employees.

CCG Development performs turnkey work on time.

Permanent Investments to the best staff, modern equipment and software that helps to organize the construction process more effectively, contribute to the company provides the following services quickly and efficiently:

– Architectural and engineering design,

– repair and construction works of any complexity,

– Installation of aluminum structures,

– Installation of engineering networks,

– Manufacture and installation of furniture.

Welcome CCG Development to the business community, which always help each other to discover new horizons and perspectives.

TUSIB happy to welcome you as members of TUSIB Business Bridge Portal, where you will be able to find TUSIB members and a lot of other companies that are interested for cooperation.

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