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Bilateral Cooperation Opportunities On "Ukraine’s Day" organized by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce

27 November 2015


 November 27, 2015
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In order to promote economic cooperation between Turkey and Ukraine Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICC) organized the event called “Ukraine’s Day”. The meeting was held with the participation of Deputy Chairman Adnan Dalgakiran ICC, ICC member of the Board Ali Ulvi Orhan, and many industrialists and business people from both countries. The meeting between ICC and Zaporizhzhia Chamber of Commerce signed a protocol on business cooperation.

ICC Deputy Chairman Adnan Dalgakiran in his opening speech of the event, said that most trade is realizing with the neighbor countries. Dalgakiran, taking into account the geographical location and historical ties between Ukraine and Turkey, stressed the need for development of bilateral cooperation.

In addition Dalgakiran said that taking into account its own experience, the cultural aspects of doing business, Ukraine is a country where you can do business and as Turkish businessmen of Ukraine and Ukrainian businessmen in Turkey have significant opportunities for this.

Making introduction speech, General Consul of Ukraine in Istanbul Vasily Bodnar said that the joint efforts of the two countries can achieve serious progress in the economy.

General Consul Bodnar, noting that the recent growth of Ukraine according to credit-rating agencies, and howled about the need to further convergence Turkish businessmen with potential Ukrainian and Ukrainian businessmen – economic locomotive of Turkey – Istanbul.

Later, speaking for the podium, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine Valeriy Korol, described this event not only as a meeting of two neighbors or friends, as well as a meeting of two potential economic partner. King also added that Ukraine, experiencing the most difficult political times since getting independence in 1991, still trying to turn it on favorable conditions for the economy. Moreover, emphasizing the primacy of Turkey in the trade partnership with Ukraine, added that Turkish businessmen in Ukraine are representatives of many sectors and advised them not to stop despite any difficulties.

Commercial Counselor of the Turkish Republic in Kiev Kochak Haidar spoke to the participants a presentation on trade between Turkey and the Ukraine. He said that among the iron, steel, aluminum, plastics, pulp, agricultural products, which are mainly in the Ukraine, there are many attractive sectors for Turkish investors.

Head of Zaporizhzhya Chamber of Commerce Vladimir Shamilov noted that Zaporizhzhya region has led the industry in place, and emphasized the sectors of engineering and agriculture as a priority in the region. Shamilov also informed the participants about the economic possibilities of Zaporizhzhya and Ukraine as a whole.

Later, ICC and Zaporizhzhya Chamber of Commerce moved to the signing ceremony of the protocol on cooperation. The protocol on the part of ICC was signed by Deputy Chairman of the Board of ICC Adnan Dalgakiran and, for the Zaporizhzhya Chamber of Commerce – its chairman Vladimir Shamilovym.

At the meeting, foreign trade specialist with the General Administration of the Ministry of Economy of the European Union Çetin Osman made on the legislative framework free trade agreement (FTA) and plans for the EU, Ukraine and Turkey in the context of this Agreement.

Then a member of the Board of ICC Ali Ulvi Orhan made a report on “Problems faced by Turkish companies on the Ukrainian market and their solution” in which he noted the importance of business experience working cop two countries. Having visited Ukraine for the first time in 1995, Orhan noted that observing low level of development of Ukraine for the past 20 years. In addition to his words Mr. Ali added that Turkey, which promotes economies of neighboring countries and other peripheral countries, their mutual collaboration leads to the creation of reliable and strong international trade relations.

In his speech, commercial attaché of the Turkish Republic in Kiev with hope Kochak Haidar said that despite the complexity of customs legislation of Ukraine and at the moment have been implemented important reforms to overcome them.

Deputy Chairman of the Union of Businessmen of Turkey Burak Pehlivan and Ukraine said that hryvnia currency was devalued by 70 percent due to the political crisis. Yasin Pehlivan also added that due to the state of reform in Ukraine, Turkish businessmen have several advantages compared with other countries. In his view, the most important of them is the ability to get to the 6 major cities by air.

Chairman of RASBEK group, deputy chairman of the Turkish-Ukrainian Business Council of Foreign Economic Relations of Turkey (DEIK) Rasim Bekmezci said that Turkey and Ukraine should try to better understand each other. He noted that experiencing economic difficulties must carefully select staff and partners to create favorable bilateral cooperation.

“Day of Ukraine”, which lasted semidiurnal attracted considerable attention. The event was attended by 109 industrialists and businessmen who have graduated from a meeting in the format of a living dialogue.


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