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Our Mission

Who we are

TUSIB was founded in 2012 in Kiev by a group of Turkish businessmen. TUSIB has become a national organization benefiting hundreds of Turkish and Ukrainian business people in Ukrainie, and significantly promoting international cooperation between our two countries. TUSIB members represent all facets of the international professional business community including high-tech and life science firms, trade specialists, bankers, venture capitalists, insurance, government officials, attorneys, translation firms, marketing firms, consultants, and entrepreneurs. Meet with our members through an online membership database and in person at our weekly, monthly and annual networking events.

TUSIB now has approximately 50+ members. These members come from a wide background of professions, including finance, telecommunications, media, entertainment, law, travel, construction, real estate, consultants, defense, language services, insurance, publishing, education, and various marketing and communications services. TUSIB consolidates expertise in Turkish and Ukrainian business relations. To tap this expertise for members and non-members, TUSIB is compiling a reference database as an online Business Directory for the benefit of all.

TUSIB holds regular meetings at luncheons, dinners, receptions and/or weekend small group meetings. Personal networking to improve business contacts is a dominant feature at these events, which are also an informal and fun place to meet friends and newcomers alike. Luncheons and dinners generally have speakers with business related presentations and are always informative. All TUSIB events are generally made in Turkish and English.

TUSIB is a member-driven non-profit international organization that fosters cross national knowledge-sharing and networking among Turkish & Ukrainian businesses, and professional communities. TUSIB is dedicated to encouraging Turkish-Ukrainian business and trade. An all-volunteer organization provides a forum for the discussion of national and international commercial relations and ideas. TUSIB supports free trade, the sharing of ideas benefiting both countries, and personal interaction between business people within Ukraine. TUSIB is open to all nationalities who supports its goals. Our programs address critical business, technical and leadership issues, with specific industry programs focused on life science, semiconductors, venture capital, and legal corporate governance, among others. Main goals of the Organization shall be identified as follows:
  1. Become one of the leading non-governmental organizations in Ukraine.
  2. Becoming a bridge between Turkey and Ukraine
  3. Assist new investors to find their way in Ukraine and Turkey
  4. Provide an effective platform for networking, information sharing and achieving common goals.
  5. Advocate for a business environment governed by the fair and transparent application of the rule of law to enable private enterprises to flourish.
  6. Provide access to information, resources, contacts and business support services to facilitate the investments both in Ukraine and Turkey