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From within the sector; "About 30 years of experience, Turkish products in "Significant Projects "

4 November 2021


 November 4, 2021

TUSIB member – SEP Company is celebrating its 28th anniversary this year.

TUSIB member – SEP that started its activity in the city of Odessa and paved the way for the Turkish products using in many popular projects in the country today, is one of the well-known companies in its sector.

We spoke with businessman Sezai Parlak about the company’s growth in Ukraine that can also be called a success story.

Hello Mr. Sezai, you are one of the famous businessman of the Turkish community in Ukraine. SEP is also known for its tiles, which are used in Ocean Plaza and Respublika shopping malls, elite residential complexes and office centers in Kyiv. When did you start your business in Ukraine?

We established our company SEP Company about 28 years ago in Odessa. In those years, the construction industry in Ukraine did not develop as fast as it does now.

Ukraine, which gained independence from the Soviet Union, seemed ready to innovate on the one hand, but on the other hand it felt like a complex market with a conservative structure.

First of all, we started working to acquaint the end consumer with the quality of Turkish products. It was actually a difficult process. However, it quickly shattered prejudices about both the quality of our products and our reliable service.

In our business, which we started with a small staff, today we have become one of the most famous companies engaged with tile and ceramic in Ukraine.

We see your products in well-known projects in many cities, especially in Kyiv. What is the secret of your success in such a complex market?

Yes, the market is quite tough and is becoming more demanding every day. Our secret is that the quality of our products is in the A + category, and we ensure the consistency of quality.

Today, SEP Company cooperates with Ocean Plaza, with residential and hotel projects KAN Development, as well as with Respublica that after the completion of construction will become the largest shopping center in Europe.

In addition to these projects, you can also see our Seranit brand at Zhulyany Airport (KYIV Airport), in the residential complexes Obolon Residence, Pecherski Lypky, Feofania, in the Park in Grushevskogo str.

“We are very pleased to see Turkish products in iconic projects”

This success not only opens the way to participate in new projects for us, but also supports Turkish entrepreneurs morally, and it should not be underestimated.

On the Ukrainian market, today you can see ceramics from around the world. Apart from China, the countries of the European Union have a great influence on the market. In addition, Ukraine has its own production of ceramic products. These are the strongest companies in terms of price. But our advantage is the quality of our products.

In elite projects, developers pay great importance to product quality. Companies that ensure this quality have a chance in such projects. 30 years of our experience open the way for other Turkish companies.

Now construction companies that use Turkish products of high quality together with SEP are ready to see other Turkish companies in their projects.

So, your products are sold only in the A plus segment?

No, we also have products in different segments.

The classes of products purchased may vary depending on funding in some projects. As a SEP company, we can supply products in all segments.

We present our products to Ukrainian investors in our showroom. We also ship from our warehouse immediately.

We offer products of the highest quality that we bring to market for some projects at affordable prices in our warehouse.

How would you assess the situation in the construction industry?

We have witnessed all the crises that Ukraine has experienced. The painful process that began in 2014 had a negative impact on us. Covid-19, which entered our lives two years ago, really impressed the industry.

However, as we saw last year, the market is experiencing a serious recovery. And this recovery is happening without significant support from banks. This is a really important indicator.

Large cities, immigration, and the aging of many Soviet structures have a great influence on this.

In our opinion, long-term lending through banks with low interest rates may begin in the coming months. This step will give impetus to more movement in the market.

From the point of view of a foreign investor, how do you assess the investment climate in Ukraine?

Ukraine is a country that is rapidly integrating with the West. It is rapidly approaching the West as economically, socially and mentally. We have long observed the results of this in everyday life.

Of course, there are problems, we do not feel customs reforms yet. An honest legal exporter and importer must be protected from the destructive effects of illegal trade (smuggling).

Ukraine has become a country where starting a new business is much easier than before. The government’s fight against illegality forces us to look to the future with confidence.

But I believe that we will have a long way to go and there is still a lot of work ahead.

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