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 Happy Vishyvanka`s Day !!!

21 Mayıs 2020


 Mayıs 21, 2020
Category Duyurular

There are 6 main colors in embroidered shirts (Vishyvanka), symbolizing the colors of embroidery:

Black – symbolizes the earth and its fertility;

Red – joy and love for people and life. Children’s and women’s Vishyvanka are most often decorated with red embroidery;

Blue – physical and spiritual purity. Blue embroidery is most often present on men’s and children’s Vishyvanka;

White – symbolizes innocence, chastity and purity. Previously, only unmarried girls could wear white embroidery.

Gold (yellow) – is a symbol of prosperity, wealth, well-being and joy.

Green – is a female color. Symbolizes youth, spring, serenity and beauty.



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