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CEO of CCG Development about new business realities

13 Eylül 2022


 Eylül 13, 2022
Category Söyleşi

New realities dictate new market conditions.

If we compare to pre-war times, the market segment of CCG Development fell by 98%, according to the Statistics.

It is important that compared to other players in our market share, CCG Development has always been flexible.

During the war, this skill took the form of “water” (smiles).

First of all, I would like to note that the unification of each employee of the company has begun, so that, returning to the first question, there was an opportunity to provide work, and in conclusion, decent living conditions for each employee.

Therefore, for some reason, we all learn and acquire hard skills that were not previously inherent in us.

One of the triggers for such a rapid development of flexibility was the emigration of an unprecedented number of our population, including our employees.

What else to add? It is worth mentioning that such a direction as design has become more focused on the European market, again, to provide employees with the right amount of work.

Also, I would like to note that now – 98% of service providers and goods are exclusively Ukrainian companies and manufacturers to support the country’s economy during the war and the development of Ukraine’s GDP.

Regarding our customers and working with them.

So far, we have formed two groups of customers who differ in their approach to cooperation.

The first group includes international and domestic funds, patrons and investors who direct their funds to the reconstruction of social infrastructure.

People and companies in this group need to have a clear understanding of who they trust and what they will spend it on.

CCG Development is one of the most reliable partners in the market of construction, supported by a large number of recommendations and feedback from our customers. Reputation is built in such a way that we always provide a fair price and have a permanent staff with vast experience in implementing projects of varying complexity.

When we receive charitable funds, we are the direct executor, not the mediator, which is our key advantage.

The other group includes commercial customers who, despite the war, intend to develop their business in Ukraine.

Here we want to pay tribute to all entrepreneurs who have the courage to continue working during the war, do not stop their development and continue to invest in their business.

They are the trendsetters for those who hesitate.

We are sure that now is a unique chance for those who have occupied mediocre positions in the market – to become market leaders. Therefore, it is worth not wasting time.

CCG Development has developed a cooperation program, offering customers flexible financing terms and one of the best prices on the market.

CCG Development has always had ambitions, now we aim to make the Marshall’s Plan & CCG Development ideologically similar.

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