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6 Ekim 2016


 Ekim 6, 2016

VAT refund system will be automated

“Now we close many opportunities for abuse in this area. As you know, is now a VAT refund is not very transparent manner, it is not in time, it is not happening. Therefore, we are introducing the uniform register for compensation and everyone will be on equal terms.” – Said Finance Minister Alexander Danyluk, reported SEGODNYA

The Minister added that the process of VAT refund will be automated.

During of first eight months of 2016 was compensated by cash 55 billion UAH of VAT general in Ukraine, and left 17 billion UAH  unrecovered of VAT at the beginning of September -informed the State Fiscal Service (GFS).

The head of the tax department Roman Nasirov said that in the plan is reducing time of VAT refund up to two months before the end of this year.

GFS plans to compensate 96 billion UAH of VAT until the end of 2016.


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