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Ukraine and Turkey have the potential to create successful investment and cooperation projects.

30 Haziran 2017


 Haziran 30, 2017

Ukraine and Turkey have the potential to create successful investment and cooperation projects.

Taken into account the fact that Turkey is a fairly strong agrarian player and takes the 4th place in the agricultural products production in Europe, the country continues to import a lot of goods in significant quantities.

“Based on the results of the analysis of the experts of the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club, taking into account the demand for the Turkish domestic market, there are a number of Ukrainian agrarian products that are promising for increasing supplies to this country. These are: live animals, fresh or chilled bovine meat, butter, vegetables, grains, oils, fats, beeswax, and processed foods, such as vegetables and fruits, “stressed Olga Trofimtseva – Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy. Also added that there is a great demand for Ukrainian mutton, beans, oil and organic products in the Turkish market.

In addition to increasing the volume of bilateral agro-trade, taking into account the agricultural machinery experience and significant developments of Turkey, as well as the significant competitive advantages of the Ukrainian agrarian sector, our countries have considerable potential for creating successful joint investment and cooperation projects.

“The signing of the FTA agreement, the liberalization of Turkey’s import regime for Ukrainian agrarian and food products, and the synergy of the opportunities of both countries will open the way for us to increase bilateral trade, and for joint access to third markets,” Olga Trofimtseva summed up.


Today, the Republic of Turkey ranks 4th in the TOP-10 countries, that actively imported Ukrainian agrarian products, and the 2nd – among the countries from which Ukraine imports. According to the results of four months of 2017, the export of Ukrainian agrarian products to Turkey amounted to $ 338 million, and the leading products were oil seeds – $ 144 million, oil – $ 66.2 million, food industry remains – $ 66.6 million ., Sugar – $ 10.2 million, vegetables – $ 3.7 million. Imports from Turkey to Ukraine – $ 128.6 million, products such as: oil seeds – $ 68.3 million, fruits and nuts – $ 27.3 million, vegetables – $ 16.7 million, tobacco – $ 3.9 million, fish – $ 1.4 million.



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