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Tax & Business Talks: talk about taxes and more

12 Kasım 2019


 Kasım 12, 2019
Category Duyurular

Following the rule of «maximum benefit with minimal time», Ukraine Advocates Association has developed a format that combines the worlds of finance, auditors, lawyers, attorneys and businessmen — tax forum «Tax & Business Talks», which this year takes place for the third time.

This is a unique platform for communication and open discussion about the practice between lawyers, officials, tax specialists, consulting companies, auditors, corporate lawyers and attorneys.

For participants, it’s an opportunity to find qualified answers to any questions about tax, reporting, transfer pricing, financial audit and pre-litigation practices, as well as the latest trends in tax and customs disputes — all in one place and with minimal time.

Date: November 19, 2019 (9:00 – 17:30)

Venue: IQ Business Center (Kyiv, Bolsunovska 13-15).

Tax & Business Talks combines the speeches of Ukrainian parliamentarians, ministry representatives, judges, tax, fiscal and customs officials, as well as other government officials, with practical discussions by lawyers, businessmen and financiers. The organizers are convinced that the dialogue between the participants of the forum will help to find new constructive solutions for further reform of the system.

The program of the forum includes almost 30 questions, including:

  • Tax innovations and tax amnesty
  • The reform of the tax service, in general, and the police in particular
  • Customs service digitization
  • E-declaration for everyone
  • Tax control and minimize cases of penalties
  • Avoiding TCU Checks
  • Trends in judicial practice and effectiveness of administrative appeal
  • The practice of administrative detention assets during the test
  • Risks blocking the tax bill, practice and trends legislative changes of VAT and income tax
  • How to protect yourself from unreasonable inspector action
  • Pre-audit express audit and tax compliance
  • Currency liberalization — a change of methods and approaches of control operations FEA
  • Transparency in finance, practical aspects of primary documents legalization
  • Forensic — the perfect tool for controlling a company’s finances
  • Tax violation vs crime: procedural powers of tax and law enforcement officials
  • Investigative actions and precautions in the investigation. The practice of challenging the actions of law enforcement
  • Peculiarities of protection against criminal charges in the field of taxation

More information and registration

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