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Privatization in Ukraine will not be total - Groysman

19 Ekim 2016


 Ekim 19, 2016

Privatization in Ukraine will not be total – Groysman

Premier confident that some state-owned enterprises do not need to sell completely, according Segodnya informs

It is important to improve the management efficiency of state-owned enterprises, as well as to carry out open and transparent privatization in Ukraine. “Privatization should be open and public to everybody. It can’t be just for someone. In the country there are large companies that do not need to be sold completely. We can sell just part of these companies and attract leading, innovative companies to become co-owners of our state-owned enterprises, “said Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman

Remind that according to the Cabinet’s plan, large-scale privatization in Ukraine had to start after the sale of Odessa Port Plant. Auction was planned to hold in 2015, but announced in the summer of 2016. Any application was not filed and the auction of selling OPP was failed.

Government will try to re-sell the OPP in December 15, 2016. They proposed to reduce the starting price to $ 200 million at the auction.


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