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Parliament endorsed Government's bill on prevention pressure on business

16 Kasım 2017


 Kasım 16, 2017

Parliament endorsed Government’s bill on prevention pressure on business

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a draft law prepared by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on amendments to certain legislative acts on ensuring compliance with the rights of participants in criminal proceedings and other persons by law enforcement agencies during the prejudicial inquiry (No. 7275), which encapsulates instruments for counteracting any unjustified pressure on Ukrainian enterprises, including pressure from the law enforcement agencies. A respective resolution was backed by 312 lawmakers.

During the consideration of the bill in Parliament’s session hall, the Prime Minister emphasized the burning need for adoption of the above said bill that will make it impossible once and for all to block the activity of honest entrepreneurs. Putting pressure on honest business, which works in accordance with the law, pays taxes, creates a product and provides jobs is inadmissible issue.

“We should finally put a lid on lawlessness committed by law-enforcement bodies over honest and transparent business,” the Head of Government urged.



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