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Ukraine has climbed 5 places up in the world ranking of competitiveness

30 May 2019


 May 30, 2019

Compared to last year, Ukraine has improved its position in the World Competitiveness Rating made by the Swiss Business School IMD. ukrainian.voanews.com ınforms

Ukraine took 54th place in the rating that is 5 steps higher as comparing with last year’s figure.

Analysts noted some benefits of Ukraine, such as educated workers, but pointed to a number of challenges facing the country.

Among them, the achievement of peace and reintegration of the Donbas, reform of the political, legal, judicial systems; approximation to the EU; infrastructure development; increase of incomes and savings of households the IMD stressed.

Singapore ranked the leading position, outperforming the US as the most competitive economy in the world.

IMD World Competitiveness Ranking 2019

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