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TUSIB has co-hosted the ART exhibition "Colors of the World", that is dedicated to Turkey

13 August 2018


 August 13, 2018

TUSIB has co-hosted the ART exhibition “Colors of the World”, that is dedicated to Turkey

On August 10, the grand opening ceremony of the ART exhibition “Colors of the World” that dedicated to Turkey was held. TUSIB is the official partner of this project, organized by the GO “Barvi Zhittya” with the support of the Turkish Embassy in Ukraine and the municipality of Kusadasi city.

The exhibition opened in the Ukrainian House of Artists and attracted great interest from art lovers. The opening ceremony was attended by the Turkish Attaché of Culture and Tourism in Ukraine – Berat Yildiz, the mayor of Kusadasi – Ozer Kayali, the famous Turkish artist Bedri Baykam, the president of “TUSIB” Mete Karaer and member of TUSIB’s Board of Directors Can Ugurlucan.

The exhibition presents 148 paintings of 70 artists from all over Ukraine.

Speaking at the opening, Turkish Attaché of Culture and Tourism in Ukraine – Berat Yildiz said: “At the heart of relations between Ukraine and Turkey are human relations. Thanks to everyone who participated in the organization of this event. All of us are pleased to see what ıs the high your interest wıth our country, today, all together, we see it “.

The president of the exhibition partner – Union of Industrialists and Businessmen of Turkey and Ukraine “TUSIB”, Mete Karaer said in his speech:

“We are, as TUSIB – Turkish and Ukrainian Industrialist and Businessmen Union, happy to be a partner of this special event.

This gathering in this lovely hall  with its beautiful ambience and fine collection of artworks and paintings  ,created  by Ukrainian artists , is  the commitment  of  the organizations of  both countries  to promote art & culture and  strengthen  cultural relations of Ukraine  and Turkey.

As we know , another goal of this project is to show the beauty of Turkey  through the  eyes  and paintings  of talented  Ukrainian artists  and  to present the trends  of contemporary Art to the observation of Art lovers  of Ukraine.”

Mr. Karaer reminded that this year we will celebrate the 27th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Turkey but our historic ties are longer than twenty seven years. The first agreement between the Ottoman Empire and Ukrainian Cossacks was signed in mid-XVII century.

Ottoman Empire was among the first states that recognize the independence of “Ukraine People’s Republic” in 1918. In 1991, the Republic of Turkey was also one of the first countries to recognize the independence of Ukraine after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

“I would like to extend my gratitude to initiators and partners in arrangement of this cultural event and invite you all to feel and enjoy the beautiful artworks presented by talented and creative artists,” Mete Karaer concluded.

The mayor of Kusadasi – Ozer Kayali said at the opening of the exhibition:

“We organized this project very quickly, having agreed with the Turkish Attaché of Culture and Tourism in Ukraine – Berat Yildiz at the tourist exhibition in Kiev. Art and culture help to ensure peace by developing a dialogue between people. It is the reason why we are, as the municipality of Kusadasi, always tried to support such artistic events. “

The well-known artist Bedri Baykam said: “Cultural, artistic, economic and politics relations between Ukraine and Turkey are developing rapidly. I was several times last year in Ukraine. This year my exhibition was held at the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine. I have an opportunity to get to know the Ukrainian people and art lovers. I am very happy to be among people who are so polite, artistic, educated and cultured. When the municipality of Kusadasi invited me, I accepted the invitation immediately, changed my plans. As President of the International Association of Plastics and Art and as world president of all artistic associations associated with UNESCO, I wanted to support this rapprochement. ”

The paintings, that take part in the exhibition, will be evaluated by the jury, included artists Bedri Baykam and Ziya Gürel. The authors of the first three places will go to Kusadasi city as the mayor guests. 17 best paintings will be selected for further presentation in the Embassy of the Turkish Republic in Ukraine.

The exhibition will be open until August 19 in the Central House of Artists

Sichevyh Streltsov str., 1-5, 3rd floor. Hall 4


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