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8 August 2019


 August 8, 2019
Category News from TUSIB

LAM joined TUSIB

We are pleased to welcome to LAM as our new member of the Union:

LAM’s history dates back to 1944, when Mr. Lyonel Antoine Makzume (LAM) established a small shipping agency and worked as its sole employee. He had plenty of courage, a dream to be his own boss and the responsibility to care for his young family. He was thirty one and had spent four long years in the military, protecting the borders of his country.

The small shipping agency grew and metamorphosed in a group of companies that today operates currently in 4 continents and 11 countries.

LAM does not plan to stop until we can proudly say that the small company our grandfather founded turns into a global corporation. Our path will not be easy, yet with determination, hard work and foremost by placing our clients and customers first we will move firmly forward towards our objective.

LAM sources our courage from the relationships we create, hence we grow with our people, our clients, our customers as well as our partners and suppliers.

Welcome to the business community, which always help each other to discover new horizons and perspectives.

TUSIB happy to welcome you as members of  TUSIB Business Bridge Portal, where you will be able to find TUSIB members and a lot of other companies that are interested in cooperation.

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