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2013 Business visit to Zhytomyr

Business visit to Zhytomyr

TUSİB Board Member Rasim Bekmezci and Secretary General F.Serkan Bağ made a visit to the office and production facilities of  TUSİB member, businessman Tandogan Kargin (Milano doors).

After the General Assembly of USPP in Zhytomyr TUSIB representatives visited mr. Tandogan Kargin at his company office. They discussed TUSİB activities, the investment climate and the manufacturing sector in Zhytomyr.

Milano doors in short:

Company was founded in 2000. Since that time it developed and now is considered to be among the leading manufacturers in the industry.

Until 2007, it has has a production facility of 2000 m2 in Kiev. Then Milan door moved to the Zhytomyr and extended the factory to 2500 m2.

The main products of Milano Doors company are 30,60,90 minutes fire resistant doors with decoration. The company employs a total of 220 people, including 140 in production facilities.