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15-05-2014 Aqua Term Kyiv

One of TUSIB members Rasbek company participated into Aqua Term Kyiv 2014 fair. Aqua Term Kyiv is the main HVAC industry fair in Ukraine and it was held at the International Exhibition Centre. During the fair we had meet the Chairman of TUSIB Management Board Rasim Bekmezci (Rasbek company) and discussed the situation of HVAC sector in Ukraine and Ukrainian economy in general. Here is some thesis’s of our interview.

May you speak shortly about your company?
As for now Rasbek is nine year old company. Also we have the Warme Kraft brand which had been on the market for eight years. Our central office is located in Kyiv and we deal with heating and air-conditioning systems.  Our company is the leading heating radiator importer in Ukraine and at the same time the first among local polypropylene pipe manufacturers.

How were you affected by crisis in Ukrainian economy?

After the 2012 UEFA European Championship Ukrainian economy began to slowdown. We felt it sharply in 2013.In 2014 mainly for political reasons we live in deep recession. On the other hand the trade market come to halt point. At the same time we have seen a significant progress in Turkish-Ukrainian relations during last years. Visa exemption agreement and ongoing free trade agreement negotiations had brought positive expectations for the future.

Is there any support from Turkey to Turkish entrepreneurs in Ukraine?

Yes, of course. Our country is always trying to give the necessary support to Turkish companies operating in the Ukraine in different ways. State grants is a kind of support. However, we observe that there is a significant drop in the number of companies supported recently. Support is must in order to survive in the current difficult conditions for Turkish entrepreneurs.

What are your expectations?

First of all the state should show some kind of support to the companies which do not leave (or even struggle to enter this market) Ukrainian market in such extraordinary situation. The duration of economic incentives should be prolonged and the procedure to get them should be simplified. Companies, which have good trade infrastructure in trade with Turkey should be able to get cheap credits. For example, Turk Exim Bank and UkrEximBank can accelerate their cooperation procedures and create such sources. Turk Exim Bank can also intensify its cooperation with other Ukrainian banks that will provide more possibilities for Turkish investors and international trade companies. This is a kind of classic methods which can be very useful for Turkish investors and traders.

What is your picture of year 2014?

First, I hope that the political uncertainty will end as soon as possible. On the other hand, even if the political conditions will got better, the uncertainty in the economic sphere will continue during 2014. The economy took a huge loss in this process. In relation to 2015, we have the great hopes and expectations. I suppose that the political uncertainty will reduce after the elections and the thing to be done before elections will be finally realized after them. But of course the main goal in 2014 and 2015 is to survive.

What are the most appropriate investment spheres for Turkish entrepreneurs today?

I can suggest the real estate sector. here are many attractive opportunities in the marketplace. I recommend it to our friends who want to invest in Ukraine and open join ventures here. This is a clear and fully legal way to transfer the capital. My another advice to investors is to consult about real situation on the Ukrainian market with the businessmen unions instead of receiving information from the media.

You are the member of Management Board of Turkish-Ukrainian Businessmen and Entrepreneurs Union (TUSIB). What can you tell us about this union?

TUSIB is reaching its goal very quickly. We are in close relations with The Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Businessmen (USPP). Through the USPP we express problems and ideas of our members to official authorities. As TUSIB we will participate in the subcommittee meeting of some ministries. In recent months we have started to operate in some ministries. We will soon begin to participate in some commission work. We are planning to get more extensive information on this topic in the coming weeks. I think this kind of our bilateral relations of two countries business world would bring great benefits.