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Happy Easter!!! Some interesting facts

14 April 2017


 April 14, 2017
З Великоднем
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Warmest congratulations on Happy Easter!

We wish you and your family only the best: good health, wonderful mood, success business, prosperity, love and warmth!

We heartily wish you peace, safety and well-being!

Easter is a great festival of joy and happiness. This year, Orthodox and Catholics celebrate Easter together. Some interesting facts:

– The custom of giving each other colored eggs was not invented by Christians. Ancient Egyptians and Persians did this; they exchanged them in the framework beginning of spring celebration. Eggs meant fertility.

– The most famous Easter eggs, Peter Karl Faberge made in 1883 – Gift set of such eggs was ordered by Tsar Alexander for his wife.

– The largest Easter egg is in Vegreville, Alberta, Canada. It weighs about 2 tons, and its length is about 8 meters.

– The biggest Easter cake in the world weighing more than 2 tons and a height of 2.4 meters was baked in 2011 in the village of Yalta, Donetsk region.

– Easter eggs were kept at home whole year for protection from fires, floods and other cataclysms of nature

– Catholics symbol of Easter is a rabbit. Children of many European countries believe that under the condition of exemplary behavior on their part, the Easter Bunny comes on the eve of the holiday and puts eggs in the nest. The nest (or basket) had to be prepared in advance in a secluded place. The arrival of the miracle rabbit they are waiting almost as visit of Santa Claus.

– 76 percent of Catholics eat ears from chocolate rabbit firstly.

Happy Easter!!!

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