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25 May 2015

Successful ellections. New management board is ready to work!
Last week Turkish-Ukrainian Entrepreneurs and Businessmen Union held General meeting of members during with a new management board was elected. The meeting was hosted at Hilton Hotel Kyiv with participation of entrepreneurs and businessmen as TUSIB members, Ambassador of Turkish Republic in Ukraine Yönet Can Tezel, Trade advisor Belkıs Gürsel Güleç.

After the national songs of Turkey and Ukraine Chairman of TUSIB Rasim BEKMEZCI first of all thanked everybody for coming. Mr. Bekmezci gave a short information about activity of TUSIB in previous 3 years and draw a general framework for the upcoming period.

He noticed that TUSIB is always on the side of Turkish diaspora in Ukraine, especially in the current crisis.
Ambassador of Turkish Republic in Ukraine Yönet Can Tezel in his speech stressed the importance of sharing experiences in conditions of economic crisis. He also added that this time of reforms in Ukraine is a great chance for TUSIB to became very close partner of Ukrainian government. Mr. Ambassador thanked for work to the management board and wishe good luck all the members.

After the election procedure the following results was announced.


Management board



1 Co-Chairman Rasim Bekmezci RASBEK GURUP
2 Co-Chairman Zafer Ozbay UKRTOWER
3 Deputy Chairman Zekeriya Polat HYUNDAİ
4 Member Mete Karaer BEKO
5 Member Selami Güner GÜNSEL
6 Member Gökhan Yahşi TIS TRAVEL
7 Member Can Uğurlucan EREN HOLDING
8 Member Ömer Oğun EFES PİLSEN
9 Member Seyhan Yılmaz DOGUŞ