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Bringing Peace To Syria and Ukraine 

30 Mayıs 2018


 Mayıs 30, 2018
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Bringing Peace To Syria and Ukraine 

Ukraine and Syria. Different as they are, the two nations have at least two big things in common: Both have an ongoing war that has dismembered their territories and both are suffering from Russia’s intervention.

The conference, organized by the Kyiv Post, Ukraine’s English-language newspaper since 1995, is the first of its kind: It will look at the armed conflicts in Syria and Ukraine, compare the two nations’ experiences and discuss ideas for lasting peace.

The conference will bring together international experts on Syria and Ukraine, diplomats and business. The full list of speakers can be found here


The conference is hosted by Kyiv Post publisher Adnan Kivan.

The conference is by invitation only. To request invitation, apply at https://goo.gl/imqCgA

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